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We generate cutting-edge research and knowledge with highly practical value on business families, the keys to their success and future challenges, for the benefit of the partners involved, the IE community and society as a whole.

Our work

We create reports, case studies, and academic research on family businesses. Click on the links below to learn more about our work and how we can help you.

Main Research Topics

An ambitious multidisciplinary project: Our research portfolio includes not only the study of the challenges that family businesses face in today's competitive environments, but also topics related to philanthropy, entrepreneurship, wealth management and other activities that are important for the business family manages to create value throughout generations.​

Family Strategy

Coherence in family, business and heritage strategy, ensuring alignment from a shared purpose, vision and values to implementation and governance.


Family challenges as responsible shareholders. Roles, forums, agreements and functioning. Communication and consensus.

Macroeconomic impact

Impact, relevance and contribution of families to the growth and development of different market economies.

CSR and Philanthropy

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in business management and family assets. Philanthropy and new social innovation strategies.

Driving force behind entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial family as an engine of entrepreneurship: new businesses involving new generations.

Digital Transformation

Models of innovation, growth and transformation in the digital environment.

Wealth Management

Investment strategies, performance and responsible contribution of the Family Offices.


Preparation and incorporation of the Next Gen. Professionalization models and tools for attracting and retaining external talent in new competitive environments.



Are you interested in a specific area of research? Do you want to tie your brand or name to an area that is especially relevant to you?

A relevant commitment: we create an on-going observatory or a lab that researches the area that interests you. Together we will define its name, the research plan and its associated business plan: events, debates, publications, etc.
Or you can sponsor specific research; the report will be published in approximately 6-12 months.


Do you want to make a general contribution to our research?

You can make an isolated or recurring donation to our Fund for Research on Families in Business.
Or extend a grant to a doctoral candidate for their research.


Are you looking for another way to support our work?

Participate in any of our on-going research projects by providing data, granting interviews or answering a survey.

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