The IE Center for Families in Business is IE’s signature bet to bring value to business families



Our focus, the business family

We believe that the great challenge is not how to achieve the survival of the business under family control but how to achieve value creation through the generations of the business family. We recognize that family values and the entrepreneurial capacity of members of the business family are the main engines for wealth creation over generations.

On the basis of this uniqueness:

  • We conduct research on the distinctive aspects of business families, their challenges and the keys to their success.
  • We transmit the knowledge generated, through training programs and outreach activities, to help business families and their stakeholders to form responsible shareholders, guarantors of family legacy and ready to face future challenges.



Academic research: Publication of articles in academic journals that are internationally relevant. Studies and reports: Preparation of dissemination reports and case studies in collaboration with our prestigious partners

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Elective courses program for undergraduate and master students. Executive programs for business families and their stakeholders.

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Creation and organization of events sponsored by the Center. Participation in conferences and seminars with families and their stakeholders. Collaboration with associations, centers and other networks present in the ecosystem of business families.

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Families In Business


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