• from the point of view of a skyscraper different buildings can be seen from the heights and some business people's figures are reflected like they were in front of a glass, representing different relative's economic businesses
  • six people sat paying attention to one a woman host of the event for the presentation of the "families in business facing the challenge of innovation", in collaboration with EY. In the background you can see a big screen with the title of the article.
  • a picture taken on the presentation event called "Families in Business Club: The challenges of family businesses in the post-COVID era".   And some attendees pay attention to the woman host while most of theam wear a mask because of the measurements taken to avoid the covid-19 infection.


We are an active community of academics and experts who generate cutting-edge and practical knowledge for the benefit of families in business, their stakeholders, and society.

We believe that the great challenge is not how to achieve the survival of the business under family control, but to create value over generations. We recognize family owners and not just family business as the engine for wealth creation across generations.

On the basis of this uniqueness:

  • We conduct research on the distinctive aspects of business families, their challenges, and the keys to their success.
  • Through training programs and outreach activities, we transfer the knowledge generated to help business families members become responsible shareholders, guarantors of family legacy, and ready to meet future challenges.
a father and a daughter smiles at the camera, the perfect representation of the transition between their family members
3 woman and 2 men are laughing, not looking at the camera, they represent the process of decisions taken from family members


Our mission is to create and transmit worldwide reference knowledge on the challenges and keys to success of families in business to contribute to their development and positive impact on society.


  • lateral view of what it seems to be a middle age man researching on his computer


    Academic research: Publication of articles in academic journals that are internationally relevant. Studies and reports: Preparation of dissemination reports and case studies in collaboration with our prestigious partners.

  • 6 people rising their hands whilling to be asked to give their opinions


    Elective courses program for undergraduate and master students. Executive programs for business families and their stakeholders.

  • two woman shaking their hands simbolizing they reached an agreedment


    Creation and organization of events sponsored by the Center. Participation in conferences and seminars with families and their stakeholders. Collaboration with associations, centers and other networks present in the ecosystem of business families.

  • The globe floats as a hologram on a dark blue background, representing that they have partners all around the world.

    Our Partners

    We participate in several research, outreach and networking networks on business families.​