Learning formats

We have a learning solution for every need:

  • Integration of knowledge: Course for young students taught as an elective in the MBA and in the BBA at IE for shareholder training and the professionalization of the family business.
  • FTA executive programs: IE offers training for families in business and their interest groups, with a variety of programs on family business management.
  • Sponsored executive programs: Companies are offered the option of collaborating on specialised courses for their clients and interest groups.

Integration into IE's MBA and BBA

IE offers a course given in the MBA and the BBA to 150 students per year, ages 21 to 31.

Learning objectives are based on the motivations and challenges of the families in business:

  • Responsible shareholder training
  • Promotion of the entrepreneurial mentality of the Next Gen
  • Governance and professionalization of the family business

We have 15 years of experience in giving the course in two languages (English and Spanish). It is one of the electives (optional courses to complement the main program) with the highest demand among MBA students and received a rating of more than 4.4 out of 5.

Open executive programs


A one-of-a-kind collaboration between three leading schools - IE Business School in Madrid, LUISS Business School in Rome, and IESEG School of Management in Lille. This program will help participants understand and harness opportunities for sustainable growth while pursuing family cohesion and a smooth succession.

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Families in Business: How to Create Value across Generations

Families in business face the challenge of developing a vision regarding value creation across generations, acting in three interrelated areas: family, business and wealth. Throughout the course, the challenges of managing each of these aspects will be discussed.

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Spanish / On-line

Owners Scale-Up Program

Structured to refresh and further business management knowledge, identify growth opportunities and discuss strategy in a changing economy.

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English / Madrid

Family Business 4.0

A course that addresses key matters for family entrepreneurs who face challenges regarding growth, cohesion and ultimately the continuity of their business.

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Spanish / Madrid

Sponsored executive programs

The training project the center carries out includes the option of creating national or international executive programs that are financed or promoted by companies for their clients and other interest groups.
This solution allows the company to be associated with a focus on families in business and to generate loyalty in clients and interest groups.