On September 28th, the University of Western Australia convened the Asia Pacific Family Business Symposium 2022, inviting academics, research students, and business experts to participate. 

Cristina Cruz, director of the IE Center for Families in Business, gave a keynote speech  on “The backbone of family business resilience: “The Backbone of Family Firm Resilience: SEW (Socio-emotional wealth) as a competitive advantage in economic downturns.”   

The Asian Pacific Family Business Symposium 2022 focused on the question: What will family business models look like in the future after COVID-19? It addressed the following topics:  

  • What adjustments have family businesses made (or should make) to their business model to be sustainable going forward post COVID-19 
  • What are the theoretical and conceptual implications that emerge for family business studies going forward post COVID-19? 
  • What are the managerial implications that changes to business models pose for family businesses going forward post COVID-19? 

The symposium did not only arise knowledge to be able to adapt to the family business in a debilitating environment but also conveyed Symposium Awards.  

  • Best Research Paper on the Symposium Theme, sponsor FBERG, The University of Adelaide 
  • Best Research Student Paper, sponsor Edith Cowan University 
  • Best Paper with Practical Implications, sponsor The University of Western Australia 

The Asia Pacific Family Business Symposium 2022 aided in furthering knowledge and research around the central theme, “Family Business Models: Recovering from COVID-19”, thanks to academics such as Cristina Cruz. Who helps families adapt to the present a