Philanthropy that contributes to personal and social development

05/06/2020 Uncategorized

The Covid-19 crisis has caused great economic, social and political damage, but, on the other side, it has boosted people’s creativity, contributing to the improvement of personal, labor, family and social well-being. We have witnessed numerous supportive artistic and cultural activities that have brought the art closer to people in times of greater vulnerability.

In this context, the chairman of IE Center for Families in Business, Carlos Mas, interviews Íñigo Sáenz de Miera, General Director of the Botín Foundation, whose Botín Center has been the first national artistic space to open  its doors after the lockdown.

This interview highlights the role that culture and art play in personal well-being, social development and the generation of wealth.

Interview: Íñigo Sáenz de Miera, General Director of the Botín Foundation