The center organizes and promotes corporate events—workshops, conferences, presentations, award ceremonies, commemorations, etc.—which offer families in business first-hand experience and a far-reaching network of contacts.


"Personal philanthropy profiles in Spain" - CaixaBank Talks

Wednesday, 25th November

Time: 5 pm (Madrid time, UTC+1)

With the intervention of the authors of the study
Cristina Cruz - Professor of Entrepreneurship and Academic Director of the IE Center for Families in Business
Rachida Justo - Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Director of the Department of Entrepreneurship at IE University

The aim of this conference is to bring the figure of the great donor closer to society and to highlight its contribution. The meeting will discuss the ecosystem, the challenges and areas for improvement, good practices and references from other countries.
We will also be accompanied by two philanthropists who have participated in the study.


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Sixth edition of the European Family Business Summit 

November 19th -20th, 2019

A 2-day event organised by European Family Businesses ,the EU federation of national associations which  represents  long-term family owned enterprise.

This edition held in Madrid served not only to highlight the importance of family businesses but also to address and discuss the main challenges affecting business families in a changing and disruptive European context.

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Family Office Summit 2019

October 14th -15th, 2019

An exclusive and private space for members of family businesses, successors and shareholders who seek to acquire knowledge and exchange ideas and experiences in order to manage  manage the family and the company in which they operate more effectively.


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Family Office: una visión integral y práctica

Tue, September 17, 2019


A Master Class led by Álvaro de la Haza, Executive Vice President of Consentino. Discover and learn more about  Family Office, management or asset allocation among other key points.

Families in Business: How to Create Value across Generations

Next edition: 29 May - 05 July 2019

Spanish / On-line / 5 weeks

This company management course offers the opportunity to create value across generations in family entities. Nowadays the concept of a family business seems to have become obsolete and the challenge lies in developing a transgenerational vision to promote the success of these organisations. Wealth, family and company management, as well as solutions that each type of business requires will be the main topics covered in this training program. Students receive a Certificate of Achievement from IE Exponential Learning at the end of course.

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Banca March’s Family Business Day: “Financing Alternatives for Family Businesses and the Family Business as an Investment Opportunity”

9 May

Spanish / On-line / 5 weeks

On 9 May the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum hosted a family business day sponsored by Banca March and focused on financing alternatives for this type of company and on the investment opportunity they represent.

Various Banca March managers and other family businesses participated in this event, which was moderated by Carlos Mas, Chairman of the Center Families in Business at IE, and Manu Álvarez, the economic correspondent for the El Correo.

Family Governance and the Role of Women in the Family Business

2 April 2019

On Tuesday, 2 April, the “Family Governance and the Role of Women in the Family Business” conference was held. The event was organised by the Center for Families in Business of the ESE Business School of the Universidad de los Andes and sponsored by Credit Suisse.

The keynote speaker was Cristina Cruz, Director of the Center Families in Business at IE. María José Bosch, a scholar and distinguished researcher and director at the Work and Family Center at the ESE Business School, also spoke.

The conference was held at the ESE Business School of the Universidad de los Andes.

Innovation in Entrepreneurship & Family Business con Adriana Cisneros

14 March 2019

Adriana Cisneros is the executive director of the Cisneros Group, a family business with a global presence focused on media and entertainment, digital advertising solutions, real estate and social leadership. She is also the chairperson of the Cisneros Foundation.

Adriana Cisneros shared her perspective on the challenges of innovation, the entrepreneurial mind-set and family companies, along with Paris de l’Etraz, Managing Director of the IE Venture Lab, and Cristina Cruz, Director of the Center Families in Business at IE.

The Challenge of Reinventing Europe - Center for Families in Business

26 June 2018

In an environment where Europe faces an unprecedented crisis in which it competes with younger and more dynamic emerging economies, value must be placed on the role that families in business, the driving force behind the European economy, play in the construction of the new European model.

Europa needs to reinvent itself while preserving its identity and its values. And the experts on this are the successful European families in business that have learned to innovate from tradition, adapting their business models across generations.

This event led by the IE Center for Families in Business allowed for reflection on the challenges European families in business face in their capacity as a force for change in the transformation of Europe.
The event featured the following speakers:

  • 18:30 - Welcome - Carlos Mas, Chairman of the Center Families in Business at IE.
  • 18:45 - Family, Values and Entrepreneurship: Keys to success of European families in business - Cristina Cruz, Director of the Center Families in Business at IE.
  • 19:15 - Round Table: European families’ contribution to the transformation of Europe: Present, Past and Future - Alfonso Líbano Daurella, Chairperson of the European Family Business Network, Member of the Board of Directors of Coca-Cola European Partners and Vice-Chairperson of Cobega, S.A., Carlos March Delgado, Co-Chairperson of Corporación Financiera Alba and Director of Banca March.


The Family Business Club is a student body initiative. The club, which each year elects a new chairperson and coordinating team among the students, is one of the most active and emblematic clubs on the IE campus and is supported by the IE Center for Families in Business.

The Club has an extensive network of students and alumni who belong to families in business or who have interests in their activity.

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