IE Family Business Club organizes a webinar led by Martin Roll

19/05/2020 Uncategorized

From, IE Center for Families in Business, we seek to help family business by providing them with cutting-edge knowledge, unique training programs and access to networking opportunities to create positive connections and make decisions.

To this end, the center organizes corporate events – conferences, congresses, presentations, award ceremonies, commemorations, etc. – and promotes initiatives that can provide business families with knowledge and an effective network of contacts. One of these initiatives is the IE Family Business Club, a student-run club and one of the most active and emblematic on IE Campus.

In a context without precedents, leadership in the 21st century will be influenced by constant change. On top of an already challenging world comes the Covid-19 pandemic forcing an unwilling pitstop for the world. With crisis comes profound challenges and unforeseen deep changes – also for family businesses

So, How do family business leaders and next-generation cope and prepare for the future?

On May 26th, The IE Family Business Club will organize the webinar led by Martin Roll to discuss and reflect on this question; Fit for Generations: Family Business Strategy – Daring, Bold & Different
Martin Roll is Associate Professor at IE and collaborator of the IE Center for Family in Business. Martin is a highly accomplished keynote speaker at global conferences, an experienced conference moderator and executive workshop facilitator.