Experiences and impact

The Family Journey

Does your family’s business require that decisions of great importance be taken by shareholders and do you need to create cohesion for a shared vision of the future?

Do you want to encourage the new generation’s interest in the family business and wealth? Do you want them to understand their role as responsible shareholders and to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills?

Do you want a structured forum for discussion so latent risks can emerge and you can envisage answers and solutions?

Do you have a common road map to make the family’s vision and purpose a reality?


No two families are the same.

The Center for Families in Business at IE offers to accompany each family in business on their journey.

The aim is to identify their challenges and opportunities and to reach a shared and sustainable vision of the future for the family, their business and their wealth. A vision that can generate cohesion and commitment among the family members.

How do we do it?

We use an interactive work method with workshops, practical case studies and an exchange of experiences with the best specialists in each case.
We create a safe and trusted environment for thinking, discussing, deciding and educating, in order to support decision-making and take action.